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Diognosis, Treatments and what you can do when faced with the threat of Infertility

January 15, 2020 No Comments

Dealing With Infertility In Australia

One of the biggest fears of any couple is to not be able to have any children. Giving birth to and raising a child is the pride and joy of most women and men alike. The experience of being a mother or father is indescribable and comparable to nothing else in the universe. It is hard to understand exactly what it means to be a parent if you have never had a child of your own. If you have never had a child this may be due to no fault of your own since some people are infertile. If you are infertile that means you are unable to reproduce or experience miscarriages or stillbirths when you try. Infertility is relatively common with about 15% of all couples suffering from infertility. While infertility used to be permanent, modern medicine can now reverse between 85 to 90% of all and fertility cases. 

How infertility affects couples

Complications of infertility can lead to extended problems such as being too afraid to conceive again after a miscarriage. Some couples suffer more than one miscarriage in a row and become mentally paralyzed with fear of having another. There are so many psychological aspects to reproducing that it is almost underwhelming to try to cover them all at once. Most conventional medical therapies can reverse and fertility now so there is not as much to be concerned about as there was 100 years ago. Some early cultures had fertility rituals involving various natural products such as mushrooms. Modern medicine has advanced eons Beyond such times but there is still knowledge to be claimed from those who came before us. For example, early native cultures knew that there are better times of the month than others to conceive and realized that the Moon is related to when a woman ovulates. 

Time management

If ovulation occurs at a certain time during the month the moon can be used to mark this time and take advantage of it in the future. Chances of conceiving are higher During certain times of the month and that is why I early cultures picked up on this and based rituals and other practices on their fertility knowledge. In more recent times, doctors have made medical discoveries that have shed new light on this age-old dilemma. Before learning how infertility can be reversed it is important to understand exactly what infertility is. Some doctors will dispute the exact definition of infertility but in general, it is accepted that a couple is infertile if they are unable to conceive after a year. Now this definition encompasses women who are biologically capable of reproducing but may experience Health complications that prevent a birth from taking place. For example, a woman may be physically able to get pregnant but suffer a complication such as a miscarriage.

Stillbirths are also included in this definition and can result in a woman being considered infertile. Now that the definition is out of the way, let’s take a look at what it means to reverse infertility. 

Can infertility be reversed

Infertility can be reversed in both women and men. There are a variety of approaches to do this but most of them include drugs (like Clomid) and surgery. Surgeons can perform complex surgeries to rebuild or repair damaged reproductive organs in a woman. This can include removing polyps in the uterus as well as fibroids. Four men, once they are snipped they cannot go back. There have been instances where successful tube restoration surgery has worked but they are fairly rare and the majority of people who have their tubes wanted it for a reason. If you are in Australia, there are a plethora of resources available ranging from state to University to hospitals. 

Consult medical resources

To learn more about these, consult your local hospital or government agency and asked about their fertility programs. Many places have resources available to aid couples suffering from infertility since reproduction is in the best interest of a given country. If a population is not keeping up its replacement rate then it will eventually fizzle out and fail. Consult your doctor to see which infertility treatments are right for you and whether you are at risk for a miscarriage or stillborn pregnancy. Remember, don’t be ashamed if you believe you are infertile, as it is something that 15% of all couples have to deal with.

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