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Purchasing Clomid online from an unreliable source can prevent women from ever having a baby again. That’s right, Clomid is a fertility pill that’s beneficial for people who can’t conceive easily, but it is not worth taking the risk of buying the drug online without a prescription because drugs from unclear sources are dangerous, and depending on how powerful the pill is, it can cause the ovaries to hyper stimulate; which prevents one to ever having babies again. Currently, Australia is one of the few countries where it is common that women buys Clomid without a doctors prescription through either online, or in stores as an over-the-counter medications. Because that is so widely done in Australia, it is important to address what harmful side effects Clomid may have on the body. And it is also essential to mention the successful or unsuccessful rates Clomid actually is, to see if it’s worth taking the risks.

First off, what are the disadvantages of Clomid. While Clomid does help with increasing chance of baby expectancy, there are one major side effects that is very worrisome to a lot of women. One of the most common side effect from Clomid is reportedly weight gain. This is a drawback for a lot of women, because most of them likely want to stay on the slimmer side. But not only with Clomid, most other fertility medications causes weight gain or bloating. On the biological explanation of this, it is because of the increase of estrogen that the fertility pills cause. The rise in estrogen makes the body want to retain more fluid, therefore, explains for the bloating and gain in weight. Although a lot of users of Clomid had reported that they have experienced weight fluctuation, it really depends on the person because some may not experience any at all. But beside from the mentioned side effects, some other common side effects include breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, or even more severe, uterine bleeding. Although Clomid side effects are not deadly, they definitely can be of great discomfort.

Secondly, how does Clomid help women. Clomid promotes fertility for women who has a hard time conceiving. Even though this medication acts as an aid, it is not guaranteed that one becomes pregnant when on Clomid. Clomid’s ovulation rate is 70 percent to 80 percent, but beware, because ovulation does not mean pregnant. Ovulation refers to the phase when the uterus walls thickens to prepare to receive a fertilized egg, that is capable of developing into an embryo, in other terms, a baby. All studies on Clomid’s success rate may vary, but the average percentage of conception is somewhere from 7 percent to nearly 30 percent. To recap this, Clomid definitely does help when couples want to have a baby, but the effective ness of is is not astronomical, and definitely requires effort and good timing.

All in all, it is definitely worth it to take a shot at Clomid. Clomid is the most prescribed drug because of its effectiveness. And even though its success rate isn’t very high, for people who really want a baby but it is extremely difficult for them to do so, it is worth it to try because the results can be life-changing. On a last, but not the least important note, it is not worth it to access generic forms of fertility medications through unreliable online sources because the results can be extremely disastrous.


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