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Clomid is an oral medication used by females to stimulate ovulation. It is most commonly used to treat infertility, by promoting the release of an egg. The process in which is works is by blocking estrogen receptors at the hypothalamus. This causes the hypothalamus to be stimulated and releases follicle stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormone. This prompts ovulation in a normal cycle. Other problems that Clomid might benefit are as follows;
Irregular Ovulation, use of Clomid would help regulate women’s cycle making ovulation more predictable. “Male Factor” fertility problems, can help improve the timing of the inseminations with a women’s cycle. Unexplained Infertility, increases pregnancy rates in couples with a normal fertility evaluation who still struggle to get pregnant.

Buy Clomid in Australia

In most cases Clomid is prescribed by your doctor after they have done the necessary examinations. However, it can also be found online without a prescription in Australia on sites such as “”. In other countries, Clomid needs to be prescribed by a professional. It is always recommended to see a doctor before taking any of these medications.

Clomid online
On, you can by a 30 pack of 100mg pills for $40.89, $1.36 per pill. Or there are better offers when you buy in bulk such as 120 pills for $118.56 or 180 pills for $159.83 at $0.89 per pill.
Clomid isn’t right for everyone and if you have any of the following it is recommended not to use; If you have blocked fallopian tubes, fibroid, or other uterine abnormalities, you have ovarian cysts, you are dealing with male infertility, you have low ovarian reserves, you have a hormone reactive tumor, or you have reacted poorly to Clomid treatment previously.
If you do not have ovulation problems, but you experience difficultly conceiving, this pill is not for you. It could make conceiving harder for those who use it and do not have an ovulation problem.
Clomid is taken orally, usually for 5 days. Some doctors will recommend starting on day 3 through 7 and some will say day 5 to 9. Because everyone is different, the instructions by your doctor will be different depending on your medical history.
After taking Clomid, you will need to have sexual intercourse when you are the most fertile in order to assist in the process of getting pregnant. This occurs a few days before ovulation. The recommendation is to have sexual intercourse at least every other day from day 11 of your cycle to day 21.

Side effects
The most common side effects reported are breast tenderness, hot flashes, mood swings, and nausea. The other possible side effects include; enlarged and tender ovaries, hot flashes, abdominal tenderness, bloating, vaginal dryness, nausea and vomiting, anxiety and insomnia, vision disturbances, headaches, uterine bleeding, and fatigue. When taking Clomid, you also have a 10% chance of conceiving twins.
40 to 50 percent of women using Clomid will get pregnant within 6 cycles. It is not recommended to take Clomid for an extended amount of time as it can increase your chances of developing ovarian cancer. Most doctors will recommend limiting you to a 6 month or at most a 12-month long treatment.

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